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About Us

A passion for R/C Racing. With 30+ years of experience, we are ready to lead the way.

From a small town in Michigan to the exclusive distributor for PR Racing in the USA, we are here to help you WIN!

We have been in the hobby business for 30+ yrs. Everyone that works at our store races...the main reason we are closed on Saturday.

PR Racing is a top quality brand that is popular in Asia and Europe. Now we are bringing it to the US and showing what the cars can do. With a growing race team and solid leadership, PR Racing USA is ready for growth and race wins!

Join us on this adventure....Not just for a short time, but building a solid product from start to finish. Race after Race.

If you have any questions, please fell free to contact us through Facebook or here through our website. We also have the PR Racing USA HUB where you will find many of our race team members who frequent the boards and can help with anything  you may need: