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PR ST1 V3T/V4T Quick Access Laydown Gearbox SET

PR S1 V4 Quick Access Laydown Gearbox SET

Kits Includes:

66400696       Aluminium Shock Stand off Set – Black-2
66480596       77T Spur Gear (For S1 )-1
68000043        PR ST V4 Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower-1
68430046       PR SB401-R 4.8mmx8mm SS  Ball Studs-2
70220011        PR S1 V4 Back Sway Bar 1.3mm-1
70220020        PR S1 V4 Quick Access Laydown. Gearbox cover, diff height adapters & spacers-1     
70220021        PR S1 V4 Quick Access Laydown Gearbox-1
75400017       PR Racing Sway Bar Stop Collar 5.95mmx4.7mm-1
77500156       PR SB401-R Suspension Hanger Insert Set -1
78400026       Set Screw M3x6mm-2
80400036       Button Head Cap Screw M3 x 8mm -2
80400046       Button Head Cap Screw M3 x 10mm -4
80400057       Button Head Cap Screw M3x15mm-4
80400066       Button Head Cap Screw M3x20mm -2
80400076       Button Head Cap Screw M3x25mm -2
80400196       Button Head Cap Screw M3x18mm -4
82400026       Flat Head Screws M3x8mm-2
82400036       Flat Head Screws M3x12mm -3
82400066       Flat Head Screws M2.6x8mm-1
85440240       m3 antislip shims-2
85440301       Shim - 3 x6 x0.5mm-2
85440311       Silver Aluminum Spacer 3x6.0x2mm-2
87400016       Set Screw M3x3mm-1
94500036        PRS1V4 Carbon Motor Plate-1
94500053       PR S1 V4 RF Suspension Mount-1

Some pictures contain buggy specific parts, the complete ST/SC parts list is above.

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